About Us

In 2006, the Hoekstra family emigrated from Holland to the province of Alberta and established a family farm east of Ponoka. Around the same time, the Dykman family had also just moved to Ponoka from British Columbia and started a cattle feedlot. Jent Hoekstra was hired to work at Collin Dykman’s feedlot. After working together for some time, both Collin and Jent began discussing the idea of opening and operating a meat shop. Collin had meat industry experience and Jent was a butcher by trade after achieving his degree while he lived in Holland.

When the Hoekstra and Dykman families finally decided to pool their capital and experience in the meat and livestock industry, their butcher shop all but named itself.

Family Meats 2011 LTD. services central Alberta with their great selection of locally raised and produced meats at wholesale prices. Their 8,500 Square foot processing plant houses an on-site kill floor, abattoir room that holds 100+ carcasses, Smoke house for making everything from sausages to cured products, and even a retail area.

Family Meats 2011 LTD. is proud to be the only provincially inspected plant to be Halal Certified.

In May of 2016, Collin and Jent began a new chapter and are now also running another successful meat shop in Airdrie, Alberta. The Butcher Shoppe in Airdrie focuses on high quality products that are farm fresh, locally sourced and gluten free to make it “Naturally the Best”.

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